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June 2020:

TACPA recognizes Khristopher “Freddy” Krueger, a TACP Officer, for his leadership in Project FLASH, which was created to enhance next generation warfare.

Krueger was hand-selected by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General Goldfein, for participation in the Blue Horizon’s fellowship program, as part of his Intermediate Development Education. This is an exclusive opportunity and tremendous exposure for the TACP community.

During his fellowship, Khris and his team developed aerial delivered cyber-expendables that can grant ground commanders cyber effects on demand and allow further cyber exploitations to occur by combat mission teams stateside.

As part of Project FLASH, they created an interface that makes it possible for expendables, that upon landing on the ground, will populate onto a display that can be used on the TACP’s ATAK.

Much like ATAK, the platform uses different layers of imaging (street view, sat, etc.) with zoom features. The capabilities include "geo boxing" several expendables or the ability to select individual expendables to do a myriad of tasks.

Krueger’s team created their initial prototype to perform Wi-Fi jamming, digital interferences, and remote Wi-Fi to provide access to critical intel.

Some of the exploits include turning off video cameras (on computers, security cameras, phones, etc.), tapping into cameras (PID individuals or watch POL), digital leaflets for propaganda, and remote Wi-Fi.

With the creation of an evil twin portal, which mimics an existing portal, stateside operators are then able to exploit passwords and logins using a keystroke logger and enter an adversary’s computer. This capability allows access to intel, finances, and other key information.

The team also helped AFSOC, who will be the transition partner for the project, develop a "Cyber-JTAC" prototype. Essentially, an operator on the ground that can call in and manipulate cyber fires. The program was developed in collaboration with over 41 individuals from various agencies in the AF and DoD. 

Congratulations to Major Khristopher “Freddy” Krueger for his successful fellowship and impressive work on Project Flash.

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