Scholarship Resources

The TACP Foundation scholarship program provides (4) four $3,000 scholarships to TACPs, retired TACPs or children and spouses within the TACP community.

Special Operations Warrior Foundation ensures full financial assistance for a post-secondary degree from an accredited two or four-year college, university, technical, or trade school; and offers family and educational counseling, including in-home tutoring, to the surviving children of Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps special operations personnel who lose their lives in the line of duty.

Special Operations Warrior Foundation also provides immediate financial assistance to severely wounded and hospitalized special operations (SOF) personnel.


Medical Care Resources

The U.S. Special Operations Command Warrior Care Program (Care Coalition) was established in 2005 to provide Special Operations Forces (SOF) Wounded, Ill, or Injured Service Members and their families advocacy after life changing events in order to navigate through recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration as quickly as possible, strengthening SOF readiness.  Whether you are returning operational status, moving into a different field or transitioning into veteran status, the USSOCOM Warrior Care Program (Care Coalition) will help you get there.

The Air Force Wounded Warrior Program (AFW2) is a Congressionally-mandated, federally-funded program that provides personalized care, services and advocacy to seriously or very seriously wounded, ill or injured Total Force recovering service members and their Caregivers and families. AFW2 focuses on specific personal and family needs and includes programs that cover a gamut of situations throughout the recovery process and beyond.

Renovo Advantage was originally designed to develop resilience and prevent burnout for critical care and emergency medical workers. However, its utilization has expanded over the last 19 years and has produced positive measurable results for over 50,000 people. Renovo Advantage has renewed leaders, enriched marriages, energized teams, and fostered healing through applied clinical applications for overcoming traumatic events, stress, loss, depression, anxiety, addictions, pain, and lifestyle diseases.

Transition Resources

The core focus of GallantFew’s Wings Level is one-on-one mentoring by a USAF veteran (guide) with a transitioning airmen (future guide). Wings Level is continually looking for both guides and future guides. Website:

ACP’s free Mentoring Program connects post-9/11 veterans, active duty spouses and eligible military spouses (Protégés) with corporate professionals (Mentors) for customized mentorships. ACP assists veterans and eligible spouses on their path towards fulfilling, long-term careers, whether the veteran is job searching or newly employed.

The USO Pathfinder® Transition Program extends the USO experience to active duty, Reserve, National Guard and military spouses by offering professional development services throughout the duration of the service member or military spouse’s career, as well as when they transition out of the military and settle into their new communities.