Walking Arlington

Unfortunately we have more than one member in Arlington, for only they have seen the last of war. 

This brief instruction manual will give you the most efficient route to visit our fallen buried in this hallowed ground.

Upon passing the tour buses turn left onto Eisenhower Drive

Proceed to Leahy drive and turn left.  Walk all the way down (it will curve to the right) to the turn circle.  Enter the turn circle and take the 2nd exit which is Marshall Drive.

Tim Officer is in Section 57 directly to your left, 17 stones east, 13 stones south.  Grave site 2467.

Move north back to the road  and continue east on Marshall Drive.  You should already see a sign for Section 60 to your right front.  Turn Right on York Drive and proceed up to the intersection of Halsey Drive.  Turn to the east.  There are a line of larger stones, starting number is 7899.  Walk down that row to Ray Losano 7878, and Greg Stone 7864.  From Greg move south a few rows to Steven Auchman at 8201. 

Now turn again to the east and walk the rest of the way across section 60 to where Bradley drive and MacArthur drive intersect.  Looking to the south along the edge of Section 60 you will see a brick inlay square similar to what you find under a water fountain.  Dennis Hay is 5 in at 8228. Due south about 30 feet is David Grey at 9091A. 

I hope this makes it easier to visit our members buried there.  Don’t forget to visit the Unknown soldier. 

Charlie Heidal, MSgt(RET)
Webmaster Romad.com, TACPAssociation.org